Home Ownership and the Best Leek Soup Ever!

After nearly 30 years paying on a land contract, we completely own our home!  We received the deed in our name with not liens today.  Whew.  It seemed like an impossible hill to climb 30 years ago as newly married and newly very broke folks.  The selling price of the house was $14,000 which we agreed to pay interest on, no principal, for 30 years.  It was a great retirement plan for the couple we purchased from and the only way we were going to buy anything.  To give you an idea of how bad it was…the house was condemned the week we bought it.  There was a list a half mile long that had to be taken care of before it was deemed habitable.  Sigh.

Before, in 1980, although there was a rotting front porch. I just couldn't quickly find an original picture!

After: home sweet home in 2009

Ah, and so much more has changed.  Have hope, young’uns!

On other topics.  I took a tiling class today to bone up on my skills to put in a granite tile countertop in the guest bathroom.  The biggest thing I was concerned about was cutting the circular shape for the sink.  It turns out that the tile shop will cut the shape for not cost!  Woohoo!

I ordered the tile.  It will be in on Thursday.  Now to get the plywood for the underlayment and figure out exactly what I am doing about shelves under one portion of the counter….

We had the best recipe for Leek Potato Soup ever for dinner!  I have made various recipes for years but in the Cook’s Illustrated Magazine this month there was a new recipe so I tried it.  Great!

Leek Potato Soup from Cook's Illustrated April 2010 (see Recipe section for detail)

It also includes a recipe for the croutons.  Nice.  I used some homemade sprouted wheat bread as a base for the croutons and as the thickener in the soup.  Worked very well.


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2 Responses to Home Ownership and the Best Leek Soup Ever!

  1. Katie says:

    I’m going to have to try that soup if we can ever find any decent leeks around here.

    I think I have one of the pictures of the house with the porch still on. It was in Dad’s box. Do you want me to scan it and send it to you?

    • Retired woman says:

      I can’t say that decent was the term of the leeks I was using here. This recipe lets you use the dark green parts of the leek which takes some of the pain out of using the grocery store leeks!

      I would LOVE for you to send me the picture of the house with the porch. Thanks!

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