A “Taxing” Day

I spent almost all day finishing up taxes…mom’s taxes, her estate, the Trust, and our own.  What is that about Paperwork reduction????  Huh????  I started this process as I usually do, on Presidents’ Day weekend but put off and off and off working on it to finish up.  I buckled down today and tackled it.  7 hours later all State and Federal forms are printed or efiled.  Tomorrow I will take care of printing envelopes and organizing signatures.  It will feel good to have it all taken care of for another year…except those estimated tax checks and vouchers…

We are sneaking up on time for a vacation trip across the country to the Grand Canyon and have to get organized for departure.  We are taking the travel trailer which has to be stocked and readied.  The house has to be ready for shut down for a time.  We met with a landscaper who took care of Mom’s yard today who will keep this place in order while we are gone.

Back to a Vegan recipe today.  Ah.  Nice to be back to homecooking and vegetarian!  The Bearded One picked this recipe from our new cookbook, “Vegan Fire and Spice” – Three Alarm Lo-Mein.  It was very good.  A bit spicy, just like we like it.

Three Alarm Lo-Mein

Details in Recipes I Love.

Baked Marinated Tofu (partially used package, sorry!)

May I add that Baked Marinated Tofu is a GREAT ingredient.  I NEVER thought I would be making sure I got MORE tofu in my serving!  I found mine at Trader Joe’s.


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retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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2 Responses to A “Taxing” Day

  1. booboo2444 says:

    Baked Marinated Tofu? Is that something that’s packaged with the regular tofu?

    • Retired woman says:

      It is in the refrigerated section near the Tofu…at least at Trader Joe’s. I will put a picture of the package in the blog.
      It comes in a couple different flavors.

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