Vegan Three Bean Chili & A Bit of Focus

I was thinking this morning about blogging.  I carry my digital camera about with me much more often and I was thinking about how it causes me to think about my life.  I think about the small moments, the small sights, that I treasure.  Those blinks that you may smile about but let go by with little or no thought.  Now, I think…ah, put that in the blog!

Now, I do not put everything in the blog.  The few negatives that I experience, I generally delete from my thoughts and the blog.  But much more often there are wonderful things that never make it here.  Nonetheless,  I think twice (once when it happens and once when I write about it) about the pleasures of life.  That is a blessing in itself, eh?

It was my last session of art class today.  I will not be able to participate in the next session because of travels.  No art class until September.  Sad.  I will miss it.  On the last day of each session, we each bring food.  I try to bring something healthy and had forgotten about it until this morning so it was bran muffins thawed from the freezer.  I might as well have brought a bowl of sawdust since folks had outdone themselves…cherry pie, cookies, chips and dip, asparagus spears wrapped in phyllo/butter layers, etc..   Who would choose bran muffins from that display…not even me!

I started a new picture today.  Scary in more ways than one…no more classes until September and this one is VERY detailed…we will see…no promises.  Here is the photo it will be based upon….

Dill Fireworks

It is a picture of Dill Weed reflected in our pond last summer.  Here is Day 1…

Day 1

This one will be difficult, if not impossible (for me) because of the negative spaces of the reflection.  I have to color around the reflection, instead of drawing the reflection itself.  We will see.  It is another learning experience though.  A definite challenge.

I started packing clothing into the trailer for a vacation.  Exciting.  I will keep you posted as things progress.  Taking it a day at a time.

Tried another vegan recipe tonight.   I had given it three days after having a failure last week (hey, for the first time after multiple recipes…not a major issue…just wanted the scab to heal a bit).  We had Vegan Three Bean Chili.

Vegan Three Bean Chili. You will not miss meat!

It was a chilly day, so chili was perfect.  This one was easy, quick,  and yummy.   Details in Recipes I Love.


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retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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2 Responses to Vegan Three Bean Chili & A Bit of Focus

  1. Amy says:

    I think you will do a wonderful job on the dill fireworks! You are so talented. Don’t sell yourself short! I am so jealous of your garden.
    I am starting a 30 day Vegan cleanse 4/1 and stole some of your recipes for my food plan for the month. I cannot wait to try the 2 bean chili! Thank you for all you share.

    • Retired woman says:

      I will try to share more. I REALLY enjoy the vegetarian/vegan recipes. We both seem to feel better with the new diet, just partially vegetarian but trying to limit meat….the fewer legs the better. I have lost weight when I thought I was already at my minimum. Good luck with your challenge…it sounds intriguing but, oh my, how challenging!

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