An interesting couple of days…remember that Chinese curse…

I have heard that there is a Chinese curse…”may your days be interesting”.  Yesterday was interesting.

We left the must enjoyed campground in Las Cruces but before leaving town had drug the slides on the trailer getting out of a gas station.  No damage but the sounds of something dragging is very disconcerting.  Then, about an hour or so north of Las Cruces, a couple of guys in a pickup waved us over to the shoulder.  We had just blown a tire.  No problem. We can change it. BUT…because of the size of the trailer and the angle of the shoulder…we couldn’t raise the trailer high enough with our heavy duty jack to clear the tire.  No problem. We have AAA.  (Thanks to me.)  We call them.  They will call back and tell me when they will arrive.  Hot, desert, hot, pacing and trying to maintain a couple of bars on the cell phone, pacing, hot…An hour later they call and say they cannot find anyone in the area (Truth or Consequences, NM) to do the repair so they will have to find someone at least an hour away…more pacing, more hot, etc…a repair company from an hour away calls to tell us they will be here in (you guessed it) an hour. The Bearded One paced in the heat.  I retreated to the trailer and read a book.

The repair guy arrived and replaced the tire in five minutes.  He chatted about the joys of NM for 20 minutes (he was from Illinois) then we continued onwards.  We had no desire to travel as far as we originally planned so stopped at a Birdwatchers RV Park just south of Soccoro, NM.  An 85 year old woman greeted us and her son showed us to our site.  Nice to be there.  It rained all night…a relative rarity in NM but it was a nice sound.

This morning we headed toward a tire shop the son of the park owner recommended but it was closed on Saturdays.  Although the gas station attendant across the street said most everything in the area was closed on Saturday, we found a tire place a half mile down the street (thanks to the Garmin).  They provided us with a mounted, used tire for …. wait for this… $15.  The Bearded One and I both checked to see if the decimal place was correct.

We headed west from there.  We spent a bit of time on old Route 66.  Nice.

Get your kicks on Route 66 (old route as of 1939)

We stopped at Grants, NM. at a KOA.  Very friendly.  We were greeted by the campground cat.  Thanks to the cat, he convinced The Bearded One to get a cat when we get home.  (Following the softening provided by Pat and Wesley’s herd of cats).

Tomorrow onto the Continental divide and Arizona.

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retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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