A Rainy Weekend on Kitten Duty

I REALLY need to get to weeding.  After being gone a month, the gardens here are filled with weeds (although not quite as many as I might have imagined).  Anyway, I need to weed.  I will show you pictures of befores and afters…just to motivate me.

It was too rainy this weekend to do it though.  Saturday started out stormy but settled down.  If I had known it was going to stay settled I might have been out there starting on the weeding.  But instead of shared Kitten Duty.  Our new kitten is only 8 weeks old and she is needy.  She wants to be held almost continuously…unless she is playing…probably 90 percent hold and 10 percent play during the day.  We have invited her to sleep with us at night but the first two nights she has elected to stay under the bed…meowing periodically when she is awake.  Hope  that works out soon.

So, one of us is holding her most of the time.  Or, she is playing.  Or, she is making her needs known verbally.  She is not quiet if there are improvements to be made.

But she still needs a name.  I have made a few suggestions but not had seconds yet.  The Bearded One has suggested Kitty.  Uh….no.

We are  home again.  It is nice to have the full function kitchen and pantry again.  We had ribs and fresh asparagus from the garden yesterday so today was definitely vegetarian.  I tried some new recipes, one for vegetarian gravy and another for Vegetable Loaf.  The Veg Loaf recipe is definitely a repeater.  The Bearded One did not know what I was cooking but after several bites wanted to know what this was.  He loved it.  Ah!

Vegetable Loaf with mashed potatoes and vegetarian gravy

I will put the recipes under Vegetarian Main Dishes in Recipes I Love.

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retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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3 Responses to A Rainy Weekend on Kitten Duty

  1. amkaz says:

    I like “Cola”. My cat, Noah, talks a lot, too. Hubby says he takes after me. I like to call him “The MOUTH” but that might be reinforcing bad behavior. She is so sweet!
    Recipes look great, too!

    • Retired woman says:

      My grandson has suggested Allie. (Because his current hero is Alvin the Chipmunk and that is a girl’s name that he thought of that is close.) I like it because she is so little and feminine and also because of the Allie Cat pun. The Bearded One has not signed on yet but he has not sneered either…

  2. amkaz says:

    I like Allie.

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