A Name for the kitten (?) and weeding

Okay.  I have proposed numerous names for the kitten over the past few days….there have been the exotic names ( she is a Bengal kitten so I have looked up words in the Bengali language) and cute names (uh, I would rather not tell you some of those names) and others.  The Bearded One has proposed …”Kitty”.  Uh, no.

I talk to my daughter, Kate, most mornings.  She has two sons (the most handsome, brilliant boys in the whole world).  I expressed my frustration about the name this morning so she asked Evan (the oldest grandson) for his suggestion for a name.  He said Allie. ( Of course, he had been watching his most recent hero, Alvin the Chipmunk, on a video at the time and since Alvin was not a girl’s name, he (brilliantly, I must say) proposed Allie.  I chuckled.  Allie…as in “alley” cat?…further chuckling.  A little feminine name…just like her.  Allie.  Could it be that simple.  Looked it up on the internet…meaning ‘noble’ and ‘kind’.  Hmmm.  She is that.  The Bearded One has not objected to her being called Allie.  I think she is named!

Allie Kat?

Oh, by the way, she slept with us last night.  Cozied up with whichever of us was most handy.  Nice, until 4 this morning when she decided we should play.  All in all a good thing though.  This picture was taken when I normally would have been making the bed (my mom taught me to make it as soon as I was not sleeping in it…my husband gets to stay until he wakes up and then I compulsively make the bed…now I have to wait for the kitten?).

We have just returned from a month on the road to the Grand Canyon and back.  We scheduled the trip to be able to be back before garden planting season.  We have succeeded although a month away has given the weeds a head start.   Here are some pictures of the garden before weeding.

Sad.  But a place to start.  Then after some time weeding with attacks by bugs that were convinced that I was the enemy (welts on my arms and face to prove it!).

Better.  I just weeded the north end of the garden today.  Before leaving on our trip we had planted onions, broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts and lettuce.  We had planted garlic in the area last fall.  Tomorrow, the south end and then outside the fence in a few peripheral areas for more vegetables.  These garden areas are just for vegetables and a few herbs that are self seeding right now ( I found dill and sage today that had seeded itself so some of the weedy looking patches are actually herbs).  I will show you flower beds in other days.

Oh, before I leave you.  Here is Allie at this moment…


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retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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