Cement Backer Board is Down!

I do not enjoy the backerboard portion of tiling.  At least this time I purchased a special tool for scoring the cement backerboard and it made it much easier!  Still a pain in the rear, but easier than without the tool.  I used thinset to set the cement backerboard and then screwed it down across the field.  It is amazing how many screws are needed to fill the borders and field!  I am not sure why it must be screwed at such frequent intervals but I do not want the tile to crack, so I will follow instructions.

Backerboard down!

I dry laid the tile to make sure I would have enough tile for the job.

Because I purchased the tile on sale and have several broken pieces, to be safe I am going to offset the tile to have whole tiles against the right wall and 9″ cuts on the left wall.  This will allow me to use as much of the broken tiles as possible, minimizing the number of cuts.  Since the washer and dryer will cover cut tiles at the back of the room and the hamper covers the left side of the room, the offset will not be readily apparent…not to mention that a 3″ difference in size is not that apparent in a busy, utlilitarian room.  I am hoping to have one complete tile left in case of future problems.

I am bushed after a day of working hard.  We had Tex Mex Turkey Soup for dinner, canned when there were leftovers from a previous meal.  We ate the leftover garden/herb salad from last night.  It was satisfying and welcome after a hard day on the job.

Tomorrow…cutting and thin-setting the tile in place.  Monday, grout.  Tuesday, appliances back in the room in time for the repairman!


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