The Humvee of Blenders Arrives

I got an email this morning that the Vita Mix I ordered would arrive today!  Woohoo!  Now, granted, spending nearly $600 on a glorified blender is ridiculous BUT it is GREAT!  Look at the difference for heavens sake!

This says it all...

Since I had received the email of its pending arrival, we made a trip to a grocery with a good produce department and were ready for an adventure when we returned to find the Vita Mix on the front porch.  First adventure was a green smoothie.

Prep for the first smoothie.

Let’s see.  Grapes. an orange, pineapple, banana, carrot, spinach, an apple and ice.  YUMMMMMM!  It looked like split pea soup ( I do not like split pea soup) but it was great.   I look forward to future experiments.  Certainly not worth the price on its own, but it show promise.

I am going to try grinding wheat berries into flour tomorrow.  Sounds fun.

We went to the nursery to buy another dozen tomato plants today.  FOR SURE, I am starting seeds again next year.  Just those dozen plants (along with two 4 packs of flowers) cost $43 today.  Ridiculous….but we really use all those canned tomatoes and do not want to live without our own canned tomatoes…so bite the bullet.

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retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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One Response to The Humvee of Blenders Arrives

  1. amkaz says:

    Congratulations on the Vitamix! I cannot wait to read your new blending adventures!

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