Food Inc Etc

The Bearded One and I watched Food Inc. today.  I had requested it from the library months ago but the list was so long that I didn’t get it until now.  I had read a couple of Michael Pollen’s books so it was not as shocking as it might otherwise have been but it did bring tears to my eyes several times and has convinced both of us to try to remove ourselves as much as possible from the industrial food complex.  We still do not want to go totally vegetarian but, once our current supply of meat in the freezer is gone, we will buy meat from local farmers not the supermarket.  There is a Farmer’s  Market year round one day a week in Dayton where we will be able to do it.  We just need to stay motivated to drive the extra miles and pay the extra money!

Earlier in the day, we had run errands and made a brief stop at Meijer’s for groceries.  Since The Bearded One still cannot walk long distances (and he still parks in the netherlands of the parking lot so has used up his distance just inside the door of the store), I left him at the magazine/book section and did the shopping.  (Hmmm…do you think he plans it that way?)  I commented to myself as I sped past the meat section not even checking on what the specials were (and this is before we watched Food Inc.) to get to the produce section, the dairy, some canned tomato products and beans, and wine.    Yipee.  More and more that is a typical shopping trip.  When I got back to The Bearded One, he added this magazine to the cart.

He was so impressed with it that he has already subscribed.  He has marked a number of things for me to consider for meals and has picked Chicken Bleu Cheese Stuffed Potatoes for Monday’s meal.

In a bit of good timing, my first issue of Vegetarian Times arrived.  I dropped my subscription to Cooking Light and ordered this magazine.  I certainly love this first issue.

You can tell from the Post It Tabs at the top that I have marked a number of recipes to try!

We tried a recipe from the magazine last night.  Certainly didn’t want to be eating supermarket meat the day we watched Food Inc.!  We had Jamaican-style Black Bean and Coconut Cornbread Bake.  It was GREAT!  The Bearded One raved about it for the rest of the night (and he generally does not like casseroles)!  It had enough spice and texture to be interesting and the cornbread topping was made with coconut milk.  I was not sure I would like the slight coconut taste in the cornbread but it was wonderful!

But today, Sunday, is Beef or Pork day.  So filets it is.


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retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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