Don’t Borrow Trouble from the Future

I live by those words, “Don’t borrow trouble from the future”.  Most of the things you imagine in the middle of the night, or dread as worst case scenario, never happen.  So, why make this moment painful worrying about that thing that will probably never happen.

Easy to say, harder to do.  The Bearded One has had memory problems for at least the last five years.  Last October the doctor started him on mega doses of vitamin D and it made a big difference, not back to ‘normal’ but not declining further.

Sometimes I am concerned but I try to enjoy each moment regardless.   Lately I notice he is driving at or below the speed limit.  Not a sign of concern for most but those of us who know The Bearded One well know that he rarely traveled near the speed limit before.  It was not typical for him to hit near three digits on the speedometer but not totally out of character in the right circumstances.  So, going 40 in a 55 area was somewhat disconcerting.

He had a regularly scheduled appointment with the doctor last week to just have a basic check for meds.  It turned out to be on a day I could not attend with him as I was having lunch with friends.  Turned out to be a blessing, maybe.

He went to the appointment and later, when asked how the appointment had gone, said that the doctor wanted to meet with both of us together because his blood sugar was high.  Hmm.  His blood sugar had been pre diabetic before but we have a great diet right now so I was confused and concerned but “don’t borrow trouble…etc.”.

Today we met with the doctor.  He said that TBO’s blood sugar had been in the mid 200 range when he was at the appointment last time!  Whoah!  But that (more concerning he had been unable to remember what he had eaten for lunch…if I had been along at the appointment I would have told him what he had eaten).  By the way, I had questioned TBO about his lunch when I got home the day of the original appointment and with some prodding had found out the he had gone to Mickey D’s and had a Big and Tasty and orange juice.  At the appointment today at the doctor’s I told him that is what had been consumed and TBO informed us that they had served him a giant cup of orange juice although he had ordered a small.  He had drunk all of it since he had paid for it.  Duh.

They tested his blood sugar today when I was managing his diet and it was below 100.  It will be monitored but not as alarming as might have been thought.  However, the doctor has a better idea of the memory issues.  He is starting TBO on some meds to hopefully help with that.  Hope so, TBO deserves so much better although he does not realize it.

So much for venting.  Life is good overall.  The garden is growing well.  It is going to cool off the next few days and be good for yard and garden work.  The kitten is becoming a teenager.  She loves going out in the yard during morning chores and watching the fish in the pond.

She also, unfortunately, loves to nip at hands and ankles.  We are continuing to work on that but both have the wounds to show for her efforts.  Sigh.  Kittens.


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retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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