Buying, buying, buying

Some purchases make you feel good…some just are to replace things you do not want to be dying yet and are just a pain….like replacing tires.

We are continuing on our painful rash of dying appliances…dishwasher, disposal, washing machine…and now, the microwave convection oven.

The old microwave convection oven refused to microwave yesterday morning. No reheating cooled coffee cups.

It is my firm belief that once you have a combination microwave convection oven you will not return to a mere microwave oven.  Particularly during the summer months there is nothing better than to be able to bake/roast without turning your kitchen into Death Valley.

So, off we went to get a small, cheap window air conditioner (more info to come) and the microwave convection oven.  I had done a bit of research online so was prepared to assume the position and pay up to $500.  We had paid that for our old one about 10 years ago and we certainly got the mileage out of that one so, (eek), go for it.  First Best Buy (none), then HH Gregg (sold out), then Sears.  Success!  AND $329 for one larger and with more features than our previous one.  Woohoo.  (as much woohoo as you can give when replacing an appliance).


Today, off to IKEA.  Now, IKEA is an hour away and we do not need STUFF.  But, the grandsons are coming in a week and staying for a couple of weeks.  They are bigger now (3 and 4 years old) and need more sleeping accommodations. So we went to get a trundle bed.  After miles of threading one’s way through the designated IKEA path and retracing steps to get the location of the units in the pickup area AND picking up multiple irresistible items, the trundle unit was retrieved.

Then, back home for assembly.  Done.  Now the twin bed frame needs to be revised to accept a trundle bed.  To return to IKEA to buy a bedframe or to build one….that is the decision.

My sister, Pat, had sent me the link to a recipe for Summer Squash enchiladas.  We tried it tonight.  It was great, except the sauce was WAY TOO HOT for Ohio.  Next time I will make it with half as many peppers.  But there will be a next time…summer squash season is just starting.

Last night I did an online search for why Bengal cats bite and attack.  (I had several scratches from Allie yesterday).  The info came back that Bengal cats were high energy kitties and, when bored, come up with their own games…like attacking ankles and arms.  The answer is to give them things to play with frequently.  So…

So, the packing materials for today have become toys and you would be amazed what a cat can do with a drinking straw.  So far, so good.  Far fewer scars.  I have got to get this under control before the Grandsons arrive!


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retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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