Meat Day and the Garden Keeps Producing…

The good news is that the garden is coming into its own now…the bad news is that it means that there is work to be done to put it all up in a creative way.

Okra, garlic cloves, dried chilies, dried garden dill waiting to be pickled.

Today, I harvested okra (going to have to harvest it everyday if I am not going to be composting alot of large pods) and today I used a second recipe to pickle the okra.  I do not know if we will like pickled okra (the first recipe has to be jarred for 5 weeks before tasting it) so today I tried a recipe that we can taste after 5 days.  I may be composting all this work or pickling more okra depending on the results.

Pickled Okra. Today I used “Grandma Oma’s Pickled Okra” from All A few days ago I used a recipe from the LBJ Ranch for pickled okra.

I harvested some cucumbers (although the vines are suffering with bugs and heat) and tomatoes (the harvest increases a bit each day now).

Today's tomato harvest. The first Cherokee Purple of the year (my personal favorite). I plan to combine them with tomorrow's harvest to can tomatoes. I used one for BLT's at lunch (yum) and a few in the Swiss Steak for dinner.

It is Sunday so it is Meat Day around here.  The Bearded One had requested Swiss Steak (with a tomato base not a brown gravy base) so he researched recipes and decided on one from Cook’s Country.  It was really good (even to one who does not crave meat…)

Swiss Steak from Cook's Country (December 2009)


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