What is it about carbs?

I have no problem giving up meat.  Why are carbs so tempting?

The Bearded One brought home a bag of chips a few days ago.  I LOVE CHIPS!!!  He ate a few the first night they were there and was content.  I ate the rest of the bag over the next three nights!!!!  (An improvement…since at one point I probably could have put away the entire bag the first night…but still…).

Then, it was Labor Day weekend.  For our one day a week that we eat beef or pork, The Bearded One suggested burgers.  Okey doke.  I made homemade baked beans from scratch and my mom’s macaroni salad.  I LOVE her macaroni salad.  SO, while the meal itself was good…even great…I have indulged in macaroni salad for the past three days!  I do not even want to get on a scale, although I know that I can just get back on the reasonable wagon and move on.  Still, it is incredible that carbs are SO TEMPTING to me!

Today, The Bearded One harvested more tomatoes and hot peppers.  I begged him to stay away from the okra.

Not that okra isn’t good, even great.  BUT, I have frozen three gallon bags of okra and we have eaten almost every recipe for okra that I have found that sounds palatable (and a few that sounded iffy).  The best ones are fried and should not be repeated as a regular part of a healthy diet and the others are good but would not want to be repeated as part of any diet….

BUT, my mom would have said not to waste.  Do we eat it now?  Do I freeze even more?  Do I let it grow to giant sizes that will be immediately composted.  Ah, the conundrum!

I replaced the flapper on one of our toilets that had a slow leak.  I had help though…

With her help, it works!

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retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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