Be Careful…You Can Pack Too Much!

We are preparing for a long trip South in the RV.  The good news is that we do not need to pack in a suitcase.  The bad news is that the trailer could be packed so heavily that the axle drags the ground…well, almost.

I packed my clothes today and replenished the staples in the pantry.  I am carrying a backup pantry in a bin in the back of the truck this time and packed that also.  Tomorrow, setting up the watering system for plants here in the house and packing the refrigerated stuff (except for the ultra last minute things for the final morning).  We have a list of things to get ready for the trailer and preparing the house for departure….getting close now!

I installed the Wii in the trailer for exercise and entertainment.  I will miss the Kinect though.  There is just not enough room to use it in the trailer but it is good exercise.  I have these games

Adventures came with the Kinect.  It is fun and brings up the heart rate but not my favorite.  The most fun is Dance Central.  The most exercise, by far,  is Your Shape.  It really gets the heart rate up and leg muscles really burn the next day!


The exercise screen. The camera is so accurate that you can see me taking a picture of the screen!

There is a Personal Trainer mode, a Game mode, and a Fitness Class mode.  They provide a widely varied workout and the feedback is great.  The camera is quite accurate.  I can even see the tails of my cats as they pass in front of me as I exercise!

Seed catalogs continue to arrive.  We have 11 catalogs at this point, each one with drool from The Bearded One on some of the pages.  He can no longer place orders since we will not be home to receive the shipments but he has started to get envelopes ready for mail when we return.



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