On Our Way South

Our first Snowbird experience. We are headed South on New Year’s Eve. We traveled a bit over 4 hours today and found the RV park we were headed for was closed. (Though we had researched it online and in the campground guide). So, back on the road for another one 30 miles South. But, we needed Diesel first. It is an experience, pulling into a gas station after peering frantically from the turn lane to locate the diesel pump and deciding whether other vehicles are in the way and if your nearly 50 foot long rig (truck and trailer) will fit. We pulled in and filled up. The young woman in the Prius in front of us was clueless as to how difficult it would be for the rig behind her to pull out so she puttered about with makeup and windshield cleaning. We pulled around her and attempted a sharp right turn out of the station on a steep hill and CLUNK GRIND we were stuck. The back end of the trailer was firmly grounded. The Bearded One backed us up a bit (with the help of a Good Samaritan blessed with testosterone…divorces are built on spouses directing backups). Then we turned left instead of right and did a 20 mile loop to get back to I75 where we started. Sigh.

But, we are camped at a small RV park behind a hotel and a bar/restaurant in Kentucky. The bar/restaurant seems to be one of the places to be on New Years Eve in small town Kentucky as we can hear motors pretty constantly. BUT, again, we have all the hookups, it is warm enough for the pipes not to freeze, we have cable and wireless internet. We had our lucky New Year’s Eve dinner of Hoppin’ John which was tasty. Life is good.

The cats traveled in the trailer today. Allie did well. She generally burrowed under the bedspread and slept. VeeGee was freaked from the gitgo. She had to be captured to put in the carrier to get her to the trailer…picture chasing with The Bearded One grabbing her by the tail as she streaked by and both of us blotting blood after we got her in. She was okay once in the trailer but has been hiding under the folding couch since the trailer started moving. I am not sure she can get out but she peers up at us through the crack and does not seem to want us to get her out. Hopefully, after lights out tonight she will emerge.

Day One. Doing well.

I am going to try to blog daily for a year. We will see how that works out. Sometimes when we are traveling there is not WiFi so I may have to save and post the next day. It is an innocuous resolution anyway.

About Retired woman

retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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