Vampire Kitty in Florida

Yeah!  We are in Florida!  We are camped just outside of Tallahassee.  While the campsites are cheek to jowl, it is a nice place and The Bearded One has both the History Channel and SciFy.  He is in heaven and I am looking at OWN for the first time…I really enjoyed Peter Walsh’s new program but that is all I have seen since we got here since our 90 minute drive took nearly 5 hours with stops to get oil and groceries.  The oil stop took quite a bit of time since the  ‘check engine’ light came on and The Bearded One opened the hood to comply and found that the oil level was low.  A diesel engine does not take the common 30 or 40 weight oils so the first station (not service but one of those mini marts with pumps outside) did not have it.  Once again, how does one travel without a navigation device?  The Garmin pointed the way to an auto parts store less than a mile away and we got the oil and filled it then went to a Ford dealer to make sure all was well.  Sigh.  I must give our marriage high marks though since we just loped through the problems (even with me reading the truck manual and giving my not so appreciated advice).

Allie rode with us in the truck today.  She has become such a good traveler that she doesn’t sing at all anymore.  She sleeps in the cat carrier with the door open when we are moving and gets up to look around and point the way when we stop.  Veegee meanwhile hides behind the sleeper sofa in the trailer.  She disappears behind the couch early in the morning and does not emerge until sundown. I think she is part vampire.  She is friendly and allows petting when the sun is not shining (or the trailer not moving).  She sleeps with us at night and gets up to get petted by The Bearded One during his several nocturnal roamings.  But, when the sun comes up….she is gone.  We will see if that changes once we are no longer traveling.

We had lasagna for dinner.  Very tasty.  I have not used no-cook lasagna noodles much in the past….I am a definite convert now.

Tomorrow.  Tomorrow, we will reach our destination.  At this time tomorrow, we should be looking out our picture window at the Gulf of Mexico.  Sigh.  Sigh, again.

Only 90 minutes away or 4 hours…whichever happens last?


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retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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