Wow! What Was That? A Dolphin!

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It was a pretty quiet day.  I exercised and watched the sun rise.  We watched a bit of TV…The Bearded One turned on The History Channel (sigh) and watched a program on the history of pizza…which got us both hankering for pizza.

So, we went for ingredients for pizza (sauce, mozzarella,  anchovies…for him) to supplement what we already had (mushrooms, onions, broccoli…I was pushing for a veggie pizza) then we returned to do laundry.  Friday is the big laundry day to change sheets and use the laundry facilities before the weekend when anyone in the RV park who works will need to do their wash.

All accomplished.  The Bearded One watched SciFy and I watched a bit of Charlie Rose and an episode of Castle on Hulu.

Then a call from Kate and while we were talking to her on the phone, I was looking out our picture window

Image from Dolphin Dave at Sandgate Kent


This is not my picture…I had a phone in my hand and was amazed to see what I was seeing!  It was a dolphin breaching as swimming across the bay near our RV!  The Bearded One watched with me as she breached again!  Nifty!

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2 Responses to Wow! What Was That? A Dolphin!

  1. Nifty is correct. The girls went sailing on the Chesapeake Bay twice this summer and both times a whole pod of dolphins swam beside the boat. Needless to say–they now love sailing and Doug and Kara bought themselves a Wyland Print of Dolphins for themselves for Christmas—it is in the entry of their home. Maybe you will need to paint Dolphins next.

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