The Good, The Bad, and the Okey Doke

The Good.  The Bearded One has been functioning well overall on this trip.  He is taking care of driving (given a navigator) and maintaining the trailer.   Good, that the weather was in the low 60s today.  Woohoo!  It is below freezing at home.  

Good, that we had vegetarian stuffed peppers for dinner.  It was a cobbled together recipe.  Red pepper shells, microwaved briefly.  Stuffed with a mixture of cooked brown rice and a black bean/corn/onion/pepper medley that The Bearded One picked from the frozen section at the local grocery.  I just stirred in a bit of salsa, baked it and then topped it with cheese and baked it a bit more.  Really yummy.

Photo from In Pursuit Of My Inner Pinup


I must say that the frozen vegetable section is much different here than at home.  No frozen or fresh leeks but okra of all kinds and an amazing number of beans…frozen!  Frozen butter beans, frozen black eyed peas, frozen assorted others.  The frozen vegetable section is extensive.  I guess they have all that extra space since they do not need a frozen seafood section (although there is a small section of frozen breaded seafood…who would buy that when fresh is available?)

The Bad.  The Bearded One has NO sense of direction.  He could get lost in this small campground given a chance.  So, I need to go with him everywhere (that is not all bad since we like being together), even when he is going into town (4 miles away) with no turns to get to the grocery or gas station.

Today, he needed cigarettes.  Yucky habit but, oh well.  He smokes a less popular brand and the places in town had little to offer so we were going to have to drive the 45 minutes into a larger town.  Sigh.  Frustration.  Luckily, the next small town gas station did have them.  Woohoo!





The Okey Doke.  We did the laundry today.  We met folks from Tennessee who are here until March or April depending on the weather.  They sold their house and for the first year are living in their RV full time.  I do not see us doing that but would like to return for a longer period next winter.  We will see.


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