Overdoing It

Okay.  Have you ever had one of those days where you can’t stop eating?  Where you know you shouldn’t put another bite in your mouth but you do?  (I know you have, so don’t bother denying it!)

Today, was one of those days for me.

I started out as usual with coffee and later, cereal like usual (with VeeGee watching my every move with those big golden eyes, waiting for the leftover milk).  Then, it was toast made with leftover brioche bread…

Then, The Bearded One chose a frozen meal from the grocery for lunch (a Philly Cheese Steak sub) SO…I had to pick one.  I, not so wisely, chose a Marie Callendar’s Pot Pie. (Those things are tasty but SO caloric!!!!)  I give myself a few credits since I did not eat the whole thing, but I ate way beyond the satiation point.  Sigh.

Then, for dinner, we had Baked Orange Roughy and baked potatoes.  Again, tasty…even fairly healthy but I ate beyond full.

The good news is….uh…dinner was great?  The bad news is….I need to get back to regular exercise!  (Have I mentioned that while I have exercised, doing it in the trailer is much less strenuous and The Bearded One wants to join me when I am outside and he moves much more slowly so it doesn’t really count…)

The good news is…we are on our way home and exercise will be easy there.  The bad news is…home is NORTH.


About Retired woman

retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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One Response to Overdoing It

  1. Suggestion….prolong Florida.

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