Today’s theme is falling.

Falling temperatures.  It is in the 40s here in Georgia, a bit North of Atlanta.  (We had planned to stop South of Atlanta but The Bearded One was game for pushing on.)  We are in Cartersville, TN at a RV park that seems to be built for locals needing a getaway (or git away as the case might be).  There is a lake (not near our site and it is too cold to walk over there).  All the sites are back in sites which is not as convenient as pull through sites when you are just there for one night.  I must say that The Bearded One did a fine job of backing into this site though.  Sometimes the backing up thing seems to escape him but not now.  Again, he is functioning really well.  In fact, on the drive through Atlanta, he did all the lane changes without my input…just the Garmin giving hints (that sometimes were not all that helpful).  Yippee.  I am not sure what has helped but he is doing well.

Then the falling theme kicked in again.

We arrived at our site and I was unloading my crap from the cab of the truck when The Bearded One opened the door to the trailer and said, (foreboding) “You are not going to be happy.”

I finished balancing my load of crap and came back to the door of the trailer.

Eeek.  The floor of the trailer was covered with shards of broken glass and china, pots and pans, tupperware….and a cat exploring it all (obviously, Allie, as VeeGee would be traumatized for hours!)

We moved Allie to the cab of the truck so she did not cut a paw while we cleaned up the debris.  We are not sure where the avalanche occurred.   We hit a pothole at one point.  we braked sharply at the end of an exit, there was a twisty road leading up to the campground but none seemed significant at the time.  But it must have been like Armageddon back here when it happened.

But, it was all cleaned up in a few minutes and Allie was returned to the trailer.

We then needed to go to the office to get some bungee cords to secure the cabinet doors to prevent the end of the world in the future.  Naturally, the theme of the day kicked in, and it began to rain as we walked to the office.  Sigh.

But, life improved.  We got the bungees.  We returned without getting soaked.  VeeGee emerged after an hour.  We had chili to eat.

We are moving North.  We plugged in the heated water hose (it will be in the 20s tonight).  I moved the winter coats in from storage (we have been wearing spring coats…if any…for more than a month).

Tomorrow, we will be in the 30s during the day and the teens at night.  Sigh.  Hopefully, if the weather forecast holds true, it will be COLD but not snow before we get home on Thursday.


About Retired woman

retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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