Gardening Season Has Begun!

The Bearded One started some onion seed about a week ago.  The flat has been on a table near a window since then but Allie has tried to dig in it , lay in it, and, at one point, knocked it upside down on the floor.  Sigh.

Today, I erected the shelving unit we use for seed starting.  The flat of onions is on it (surprisingly, some sprouts have appeared).

Tomorrow, I will plant broccoli, cabbage and artichokes.  The season has begun.

We had Falafel pitas for dinner with Greek Salad.  Great!

I worked a bit on the cat painting.  Still finding the work on the body tedious.


Last night



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retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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2 Responses to Gardening Season Has Begun!

  1. Pat, your sister says:

    One of the great joys of Texas gardening is that most plants are direct sow – Just waiting for March 15. I do want to plant artichokes and an onion bed, but it may have to wait until next year when we move the backyard fence to accommodate gardens. I want go to raised beds to try to level out our sloped backyard.

    • Retired woman says:

      Sounds wonderful to be able to direct sow so much although I must admit that this month I have enjoyed the hopeful sign of the sprouts and the plant light glowing.

      Raised beds sound like a great idea for you. I hope you are at least able to raise a slightly larger garden than last year!

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