No Way!

I looked out the back door this morning when I first got up.

NO! Not another one!

We bought a pedigreed cat.  We were adopted by a stray!

No.  We are at our limit.  No more.  Scat!  I am sure there is another family eager to adopt you just down the street.

We had the chimney cleaned this morning.  I cleaned out the woodstove in preparation for the arrival of the sweep.  Allie supervised, as always…

(She actually was pretty relaxed in there.  I opened the door several times and she just sat there…until I got out the camera and she decided to document her abuse!)

The Chimney Sweep gave us high marks on how we had been burning the fire…much less buildup in the chimney.  I suggest that everyone burn the fire at a hot temperature…don’t let it just putter along.

I had a dentist appointment today for a cleaning.  Sigh.  Hate it.  But it is the price you pay for health.  I am waiting for The Bearded One to pay the price for the four years he has gone since his last dental appointment!

Feeling good about myself when I returned home from a positive dental appointment, I called to make appointments for necessary medical tasks for the two of us.

Eeek.   They can get me in tomorrow for my mammograms.  Sheesh.  Okay, get it over with!

But, even worse for him.  When I called to schedule The Bearded One’s annual ERG  (camera down the throat to check for lesions from the urps and/or from smoking), they informed me/him that he was also scheduled for a colonoscopy…oh, my!  Luckily, they put him under for one and do the other at the same time.  Cameras from every direction.  Anyone want prints?


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retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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One Response to No Way!

  1. LOL. Looks like Tommy. We have two gray tabbies trying to horn in here…

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