Good Deal

As I have told you before, I do not like to shop.  When possible, I shop online although I do not yet trust sizing some items to the internet…like jeans.

Jeans are my usual garb.  I have three categories of jeans:  dress, everyday, and dirty job.   Generally, jeans move down through the categories.  Actually, after the dirty job category (where jeans generally develop holes in the knees), there is a cutoff category for hot weather dirty job use.

Over the winter, most of my dress jeans were downgraded to the everyday category bumping others into the dirty job designation.  I am in need of dress jeans.

Yesterday, I received a 30% off anything coupon for Kohls.  This is on top of their “sale” prices (who pays “regular” price at Kohl’s?  I am not sure there is such a thing!).  So, today, The Bearded One drove me to Kohls for a major (to me, and much more to him) shopping trip. He ended up spending most of the time waiting in the truck but it was his choice to come along.

I found two pairs of dress jeans.  Nice dark blue, fit well (a size smaller than I am used to buying…they must be playing games with sizing again).  Also some shirts, a set of summer sheets, and a comforter set.  (I have been hunting for a comforter since redecorating the bedroom last summer.)  All for a reasonable price.  I was pleased and was OUT OF THERE!

We had Rustic Leek and Potato Soup for dinner with Whole Wheat Biscuits.  Yum.  Simple but delicious.  (I meant to take pictures but was too busy eating until it was too late.)

I worked a bit on Noah’s painting tonight.


Last night...





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