Not Quite Right

Hand cranked pencil sharpener, cropped and con...

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I went to Colored Pencil class today and was pretty pleased with progress.  Then when I got home and looked at the picture from some distance…something is not quite right.  Especially with Noah’s head and face, an area that I was happy with until I finished the bulk of the body.  Sigh.

So, tonight I have made some adjustments.  Still, not quite right, but closer.

The last time you saw Noah...


After class, I went to the art supply store to pick up some replacement colored pencils (pricey things!) and to look for a different portable pencil sharpener.  I am unhappy with my current battery powered one.  My old Panasonic was wonderful but discontinued.  I decided to try a crank one…kind of like the one that we used to use in our elementary classrooms.  We will see.

Then, to the grocery to pick up some supplies for The Bearded One.  He has a medical procedure the day after tomorrow that necessitates a special liquid diet tomorrow.  The diet day is much more painful than the procedure.  You probably can identify if you are over 50!

Tomorrow, I will be sneaking food whenever he is busy elsewhere (and he will be busy elsewhere…)



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2 Responses to Not Quite Right

  1. If it helps, I think he looks amazing… You captured him perfectly in my eyes.

    I hope the liquid diet and all else that follows goes well.

    • Retired woman says:

      I just returned from gazing at the picture. Thanks for the encouragement. I will shade to take out some of the pudge in the body and work more on the face. Noah is there somewhere though.

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