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When will it stop raining?  It has been raining, or threatening to rain for weeks!

Okay, I know there are some of you (sister and brother-in-law) that could use a lot of this rain but enough already here!  Send it to Texas for awhile!  Roads are flooded, fields are washed out.  Farmers cannot plant!  Enough!

Have you ever noticed that you are more aware of the state of your home when outsiders are coming in?  I know that a number of time when we are due to have visitors that we put on a push at the last minute to finish renovations…or at least clean up more than usual.

The electronic guys (I am not allowed to tell you what they are doing) are returning on Friday.  They will be in almost every room in our house, including the tower room.

I am getting ready to redo the tower room.  It has a large hot tub in it that will need to be disconnected from electrical service so it can be moved (with lots of effort) so that the flooring can be replaced.  I have drained the hot tub but in the nonce the room is not being used so had become a dumping ground.

Now with the e-guys coming in I am embarrassed about the state of the room and spent part of the day decluttering.  Sigh.  How do these things happen?  I also note that the room needs to be repainted.  Sigh, again.  It was repainted less than 4 years ago but it seems that any bits of smoke from the wood stove flow up into that room and smog up the paint.  Sigh, AGAIN.

I hate painting walls.

But, speaking of painting. .. I worked on The Catbird Seat painting tonight.

The last time you saw it...

Tonight, after work on weathering the wood and a bit on the background.

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6 Responses to Rain…AGAIN

  1. When you paint up there—just pretend that it is a mural without a lot of detail!

  2. I totally identify with the more critical eye toward the house when visitors are coming, amazing how I never noticed this or that before… Ugh. Mouse is looking very lifelike, I will show her the picture to get her input…

  3. BTW, please send the rain. We have not had measurable rain since September, put 10,000 gallons into the stock pond last month and it’s barely above puddle stage, don’t really want to see the water bill…

    • Retired woman says:

      I will try to send it your way…although I don’t think weather travels in that direction! I suppose I will miss this in August. I have been following your lack of rain and feeling a bit of your pain…hope the drought ends soon!

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