Where the Heck I Have Been

For the first time in nearly two weeks, we are back at the house for a 24 hour period.

Granted, we have been in and out periodically in that time, but we are focused on getting gardening done or house tasks completed when we are here.  There is just not time for blogging.

And when I am at the trailer at the lake, I am too relaxed to think about blogging.

Hence…no blogs.

Now, reader, I have thought of you.  I have considered topics for blogs, recipes to include, but then ennui takes over and nada.

We hang out with the International Spokescats for Ennui...

Let me catch you up a bit.

We had a great two weeks with the Grandsons and their parents.  The “pink eye” fiasco turned out to be heavy duty allergic reactions…probably to rag weed.

Poor little guy! And this was before the other eye swelled up too!

They are back at home now…preparing for the East Coast hurricane (please let it turn quickly out to see without damage to anyone!).  It is quiet here and we have been enjoying the time at the lake.

The Bearded One has been complaining of needing new lenses in his glasses for a couple of years.  He has not made the appointment AND since I have recently noticed he is asking me to drive more often…not only at night but during the day…TOTALLY unlike him.  I made an appointment for him.

That optometrist suggested (strongly) that he see a cataract specialist.  I sat in on the appointment with the specialist and was shocked by what he could not see.  Did anyone see the big E in the room?  Not him!

So, in September he has two surgeries scheduled to remove cataracts in each eye.  After the surgeries, he will probably no longer need glasses for distance vision.  For the first time since 3rd or 4th grade!

If he did not have other issues with one eye (floaters), he could have a replacement lens that would allow him to see at near and far distances without glasses!  Woah!  Never would I have thought having the need for eye surgery might be an advantage!

I think I had let you know one of the reasons we have leased the campsite at the lake…that pulling the trailer has become too much of a burden for The Bearded One (no doubt vision had something to do with that!).  I am not willing to try to learn to drive a truck pulling a trailer.  I know my limitations!

But, we do so enjoy the RV life, going where we want, having our stuff with us, letting the cats come along, (for some of us…being able to smoke), etc.  So, this week, we bought a truck camper.  We pick it up tomorrow.

I am willing to drive the truck with a camper on the back.  I better be willing to do it since we pick it up tomorrow and I am the only one driving until the end of September!

We are both very excited and have already planned trips for the fall and winter.  Woohoo!  On the road again!

Now, the perennial beds need to be cut back, firewood stacked, canning of vegetables completed, and 2800 pounds of field stone laid in a new landscape area at the house.  The relaxation continues!


About Retired woman

retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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2 Responses to Where the Heck I Have Been

  1. Amanda says:

    Um, what do you mean “new landscape area”? Is there a single square foot left to landscape in that garden??

    • Retired woman says:

      Just a bit of rough space between the gravel drive and Hill street. I am not sure exactly what I am going to do with the area…just that stone terracing of some kind is needed because of the change in elevation…

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