Seeing New Things

Cataract in Human Eye

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All about vision today.

The Bearded One had his first cataract surgery this morning.

Amazing.  This is a man who has trouble tolerating eye drops (good luck with that…6 weeks of multiple eye drops per day ahead of him) but he had to be conscious for the extraction of the cataract and insertion of a lens.

He was a bit concerned.

But, no problem.  They give something that relaxes enough that you do not care so much that the doctor is futzing with your eyeball.  15 minutes later he was bright eyed (no pun intended) and bushy tailed.

After a few hours to let the dilation reduce, he is amazed at the difference in his vision!  He is thrilled.

In two weeks, he has the other eye done and vision should be even better!  A good thing all around!

AND, I have started a new colored pencil project.

I have three projects to complete.  On I started last Spring just for fun, one proposed by my sister, and this one that is my first official “commission”…though not for pay.

One of my daughter’s friends had seen some of the paintings I had done for my daughter and was interested in me doing a portrait of her husband and their dog.  (Hey, if you happen to know these folks…shhhh!!!!…it is a surprise for his birthday!  But there is no chance  you know them.)

Here is the reference photo…

I have been working on it for several days and here it is tonight…with a long way to go….

There is no area that is completely finished.  The dog is just roughed in.  The face needs more layers.  But, all in all, I am pretty happy with the progress.

It has been requested that the background be dark and that will be a challenge.  Easy around the dog but harder around the dark hair of the gentleman.  We will see how it works out…



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  1. Awesome, and wish him a belated happy birthday from Texas.

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