Changing Seasons

It is not officially the change of seasons.  Summer does not officially end for a few more days but the seasons changed for VeeGee today.

We moved our cat, VeeGee, to the trailer at the Lake in the middle of May.  She has lived there since.  We have also lived there most of the time.  Now, with the change of seasons and VeeGee’s recent adventure (I will tell you about that another time), we moved her to the house today.

Allie, our other cat (she would resent being called that) travels with us wherever we go.  She wears a harness and a leash and proudly prances from place to place.

VeeGee, however, cringes when we move too quickly in her space and HATES being picked up…carried…crated…and refuses to even consider wearing a collar or a harness.  So, moving her is a production.

With some preparation, we moved her home today.  She was ticked.  Pissed.  Offended.  She hid under the bed for hours.  Just recently emerged but is letting all who will listen that we should not have taken her hostage.


I worked more on the portrait yesterday and again tonight.  I received the feedback that the hair was too poofy (hard to see in the reference photo where the hair begins and ends) so have started to revise the hair.  Again, all areas need more layers.

The reference

Two days ago...





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