Continuing the Tower Room Project

I have now finished painting the walls in the Tower Room.

As some of you know, the room is an octagonal room on the second floor reached by a spiral staircase.  The major feature of the room is a large hot tub.  The walls have been off white and the floors an outdated vinyl.

I have painted the walls and ceiling a golden color.

Now, I am working on the furniture.

I received a wicker etagere and a wicker chair from my folks when they moved from Florida about 10 years ago.  

Both painted white….looked nice in Florida and was glad to have them in the spa room in the tower but looking VERY dated.

I am painting them both.  The chair an olive green and the shelves a dark brown.  We will see how it goes.

Here is the chair after the first coat…


Interesting.  Not matchy matchy.  We will see what we will see…


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retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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3 Responses to Continuing the Tower Room Project

  1. I love your color choices. Any ideas for a 27 year old double wide? While the beige is better than white, EVERY room that color is getting a little old… I really like the gold up there, I bet it glows in the morning sun.

    • Retired woman says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I am pleased so far. The golden color on the walls and ceiling actually make that mirrored fan look okay…


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