Cooking on a Quiet Day

Yesterday, we spent the entire day at the RV park.  Just a quiet day relaxing and enjoying the sun and the views.  Often on quiet days I get the urge to cook something more involved.  Yesterday it was Pierogies.

For those of you poor folks who have never tried a pierogi, know that they are the ultimate Hungarian comfort food.  Little pasta packets filled with (in this case) mashed potatoes, sauteed onions and cheese.  See?  Comfort food.  Yum.  The pierogi are first boiled and then sauteed with onions.  See?  Yum.

Making piergies involved making pasta dough, rolling it out, cutting circles of dough, and filling them with the potato/onion/cheese filling.  Then the cooking.  (Here is a link to the recipe I used:  Pierogies with Potato and Cheese Filling)

May I remind you of the size of the kitchen in which I am working in our truck camper?

Because of the size of the kitchen, I worked in stages.  While the potatoes boiled, I made the dough in a food processor (one of the appliances I do not want to do without so it made the cut for items that take up room in my cabinets).  The dough went into the frig to chill while I sauteed the onions and then mashed the potatoes with the onions and cheese.  The filling also went into the frig.  Later I rolled the dough (using a wine bottle as a rolling pin…a space saving measure…I always have a wine bottle around!).

Pierogies, before cooking

Cooked pierogies

The whole process stressed out Allie…yeah, right!

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