How to Bring a Husband to Tears…or near hysteria….

We just finished a wonderful visit with my sister and her husband on their small ranch near Austin.  It was a great visit and I promise I will talk about it in more detail soon.  Just as soon as I recover from the terrific food I ate while I was there!

On the way out of Austin, The Bearded One and I stopped at IKEA to pick up additional magnetic spice canisters.  (We have been on the road for two months and I have found that the small baggies of spices I brought along were not enough…several spices were used up within a few weeks.)  So, we need additional canisters to hold larger quantities of some spices.  I started with 15 canisters and, after today’s trip, I have 30 canisters.

But, that is not what I was blogging about.  It was the near hysteria that The Bearded One found himself in midway through out trip to IKEA.

Before we arrived at the huge parking lot, I suggested that The Bearded One might want to stay with the camper in the parking lot while I made the foray into IKEA for the canisters (and whatever other charming and wonderfully priced items fell into my pervue.). But, no, he wanted to be with me.  SO, into IKEA we went.

When we entered the store, he hit the restroom just inside the doors while I picked up a new catalog.  He wanted a drink so I suggested he wait for me in the Bistro near the check outs.  No.  He wanted to be with me.

SO, off we went into the bowels of the stores.  Winding our way (the IKEA way) through the living room, the office, the dining room, the bedroom, and finally the kitchen areas of the store.  By the time we left the living room section, The Bearded One was moaning softly to himself.  By the time we left the dining section, sounds had turned to a soft whimper that was gradually growing in intensity behind me as I concentrated on turning in the correct directions and watching for the elusive short cuts.

Just before we reached the required Kitchen Section, the whimpers were growing to complaints.  It was at this point that I informed The Bearded One that there is a secret section in IKEA where whining spouses (or those who need to be discarded for other reasons) are left behind, never to be heard from again.  It simply takes the leading spouse a moment to make a quick turn while the following spouse is distracted by fear of being run over by a huge cart filled to the brim pushed by a woman with a small child screaming from the cart seat.  The virtual black hole for spouses.  No further complaints or it is the black hole…

So, we picked up our 15 magnetic canisters and wound our way through the rest of the behemoth.

I believe I saw tears glisten in the eyes of The Bearded One as we neared the check out counters.

While I checked out, he was rewarded with a 22 oz drink for a dollar then had to stop at the restrooms by the door on the way out.

By the way, if you want to save money at IKEA, take The Bearded One along.  There is no time to be distracted by charming or wonderfully priced items when one is dogged by a near hysterical husband…

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retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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