Decorating Advice from the “Other Side”

Sorry, it has been awhile since I last blogged.  The weather in Ohio for mid-March is startling.  Amazing!  Phenomenal!  It has been in the 60s and 70s for days, and today in the low 80s.  This just does not happen.  I have been raised to believe that the other shoe will drop.

But, I am going to enjoy today all the more before that shoe drops!

The magnolia and the forsythia are blooming, the daffodils are in their full glory.  We harvested our first asparagus today.  The grass needs to be mowed and it is just March 16th!  There will be hell to pay for this glory!

So, I will enjoy now!  That applies to so much of my life these days…

I continue to work on the Tower Room project.  As you may know, I started painting the room and furniture before we went snowbirding in the winter.  Now I have returned to do the floor.

This will be a pain since the room is octagonal and has a spiral staircase opening into it.  It also has a hot tub that cannot be moved without a crane sitting on previously installed vinyl.


Here is a peek at the vinyl when I was getting ready to paint the furniture…

 Sad, huh?  It was the cat’s pajamas in the early 90s when it was installed.  Sigh.

So, last week, I ripped it out.  Painful.  Literally, since I did a darn good job gluing it down in the 90s.

The vinyl is out.  I had to cut it from around the hot tub and will have to cut the new flooring to fit around the tub.  EEEK!

Unfortunately, there is residue left from the excellent job I did gluing down the original vinyl.

It is not very rough but it is sticky.  I was planning on using stick on deluxe quality vinyl tiles to cover the floor but am not convinced that the tiles will stick well to this surface.

I know that cutting a new underlayment to fit around the hot tub would be nigh on impossible.  So, I am going to install a vinyl plank floating floor.  I will put a thin, paper-like underlayment to prevent the stickiness from interfering with the floating floor.  These vinyl planks have great reviews!

I have pondered the color.  I had originally selected vinyl tiles to be stone-like to complement all the wood tones in the room (woodwork, hot tub, shelving unit).  Now, I have to choose a wood color to add to the mix. (The planks come in a tile format but lining up the panels in the configuration I am already dealing with would be nigh on impossible!)

So, I hemmed and hawed and decided that a very dark tone would be best with the red tones of the hot tub and the golden oak of the woodwork and shelving unit.  Fine.  Done.

The Bearded One and I went to Lowes today to get the planks.  I found the flooring and arranged for it to be special ordered.  While waiting for the order to be placed, I looked at other options and admired another but knew that I had already decided what would be best.

We took the order and went to the register.  The clerk inputted our phone number and waited for the order to come up…again and again…and again.  The line of customers began building behind us.

I suggested that we go to the customer service counter to solve the problem.  The clerk said that we needed to return to flooring…at the back of the store.   So, I drug The Bearded One the length of the store to Flooring.  They were swamped.  I gave up and drug The Bearded One back to the front to Customer Service.

They were nice but determined that the Flooring Department had not pushed it to invoice…whatever that means.  Luckily, they had one of their folk go back to Flooring to “push it to invoice”.  As soon as he left, I decided I had selected the wrong color.  I told The Bearded One to stay put and amuse himself looking at the magazines by the Customer Service counter while I galloped back to Flooring.

I arrived in time to find out that for some reason my order would not “push through”; the computer was not cooperating.  I told them to cancel the order, that I had changed my mind on color.

They were nice.  I did not see one eye roll!  The new order was placed and immediately pushed through to invoice.  ????

I skipped to the front to pick up The Bearded One.  I told him that I thought my Mom liked this color better.  (He might have rolled his eyes…)

Then, he bent over and picked up a penny from the floor.

Since my Mom died, I have found pennies at important times in my life…like she is sending me a message.

Now she is doing home decorating for me.


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retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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