The Shelving Redo

While I have been trying to avoid pacing while waiting for hospital updates, I have been working on the renovation of the entertainment center in the tower room.

As you may know, I am installing new flooring in the room.  The new flooring is vinyl plank which will closely resemble a wood floor.  This floor will clash with the “wood” pattern of the laminate entertainment center which lives in the room.  Since the room is reached by a spiral staircase and the entertainment center was assembled in the room, there is no easy way to take it out and move another unit in.  So…renovation it is.

The unit before I started, minus the shelves.

Today, I primed it.

Don't worry, the backing of the unit will be replaced. The primed backing and shelves are in the garage.

Last time I talked to you I was considering a deep cranberry as a color for the unit but I received feedback from Texas that perhaps an off white would be more practical.  The more I stared at the room and considered that if I painted it cranberry, I would be limited in what I could display without clashing.  I chose this color…

Zoomed: Valspar 8 oz. Paint Sample - Homestead Resort Sunwash

I will start the painting of the color tomorrow.  I think it will take two coats.  I must say, painting with a small foam roller is wonderful for painting the shelves and cabinet doors.

After the base coat is on, I will decide if I want to glaze the unit.  I will let you give me your opinion…



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