Back Again and a New Project

I have been AWOL for some time.  I have been helping my daughter through a difficult pregnancy and have been sensitive to her privacy but too busy to think of anything outside of the pregnancy.

The good news is that the Miracle Baby has been born!  She is happy, healthy and growing.  The months of waiting were so worth it!

Now, we are back home and getting used to being in a home instead of a camper.  I must say I still miss the camper life.  It is very simple and easy.  Other that the issues of moving about as a sort of dance, it is easy to keep clean, to keep a routine and certainly to clean!

Since we are back home, I continue to move the house closer to eventual sale.  It is too large for us (particularly since we enjoy living in something less than a fraction the size of the house, toward a sale in the next few years.

The master bath is small and outdated.  Can’t do much about the small…the house is 160 years old….but the decor can certainly be updated.  This is the bathroom The Bearded One uses so he picked the current fixtures.  Now, I want to make things a bit more current and general in appeal.

Here it was this morning…


Major ick.  The green countertop and sink show every water spot and stain.  The simulated golden oak cabinet looks cheap (twas) and the large medicine cabinet is tacky.


Here is the medicine cabinet.  You cannot see the strip lighting above that is holding fluorescent bulbs…eeesh.  The wall color is more golden than appears in the photo.  The color reflected in the mirror is closer to the current color.

A view from the doorway.  The vanity that has been pictured is at the near right.  A shower is at the far left with a linen closet at the near left.

So, I removed the medicine cabinet and light fixture then painted the ceiling white.  It had been painted the color of the walls but I am going darker and thought it would be cavelike with the ceiling painted the dark color.

So, the bathroom renovation begins.  Tomorrow I plan to paint the walls a first coat of the new color and pick up supplies to refinish the cabinet in an ebony shade.  I will update you as it happens.

Glad to be back with you!





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retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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