One Step Forward…Oh, wait…Just Two Bleeping Steps Back!

Remember last night I was reveling in how well the staining of the old vanity was going?



And, blissfully, this morning I installed the faucet and drain on the new countertop before lifting it into place (after removing the old countertop and sink).

Then, disaster strikes!  Who knew that the standard size of vanities has changed in 25 years?  I got a countertop for a 36 inch vanity.  BUT, vanities 25 years ago were 18 inches deep and now they are 21 inches!  Needless to say, the countertop would not fit.  The sink wedged it above the vanity and there we were!

Thanks to my recent habit of meditation there were no profane words uttered.  Just off for Lowes.

The Lowes personnel were totally clueless.   Not only were there no dark stain 36 inch vanities in stock but they had no clue how to special order one!  So off we went to Home Depot.  Now, normally, I find that Home Depot staff are off the charts clueless, I did find an appropriate vanity obviously in stock and a staff member quickly helped me load it.  Then the cashier helped me load it in the truck!  (Angelic music playing…ahhhhh!)

So, here is the bathroom tonight…

IMG_4942And, here is the new vanity waiting in the living room.

IMG_4937So, tomorrow I will take out the toilet and put down the flooring before installing the vanity in days ahead.  An additional challenge will be that not only is the cabinet 3 inches deeper but nearly 4 inches higher.  (Did we really grow that much in the last 25 years?)  I planned the height of the medicine cabinet and light fixture on the midget height of the old cabinet.  Sheesh!  What does the future hold?!




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