Delicious Ways to Use Asparagus from the Garden

We are at home during Asparagus season for the first time in three years.  We have been home for the beginning or the end of the season in the past couple of years but not the whole season.  We are inundated with asparagus.  We are buried in asparagus.  If you look closely, you will only see the tips of our noses showing over the piles of asparagus coming out of the garden.

But, we are bravely trying to eat the asparagus while it is fresh.  Somehow, canned or frozen asparagus is not as yummy as fresh.

Here are some of our favorite ways to eat asparagus.

Roasted.  Yum.  Easy. Healthy.  Delicous.  Thank you Ina Garten and others!

Sauteed with Garlic.  A go-to recipe.  Quick and delicious.

Asparagus quiche.  I take liberties with this recipe depending what I have on hand but this one covers the basics.

Asparagus Soup.  (the recipe is from Emeril but this image is from Pioneer Woman which makes me think that she no doubt has a kick A recipe too!)

Also considering sprinkling asparagus spears on my cereal, asparagus bread, asparagus pancakes, leaving nests of asparagus on neighbors porches….



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3 Responses to Delicious Ways to Use Asparagus from the Garden

  1. The roasted asparagus is really good using sesame oil instead of olive oil as well…give it a try.

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