Done? What Do You Think?

There is a fine line between being finished with an art project and overworking it.  I am at that point….maybe.

Here is where my current projects stand.

The Hosta painting.  I am thinking just a bit more shading...?

The Hosta painting. I am thinking just a bit more shading…?

myImageFromMatshop dos

The Ram painting. I think a bit more color in the forehead at least….?

Sometimes it is hard to figure out when to STOP!


About Retired woman

retired, dealing with parents recent deaths, wondering what lies ahead with the health of my spouse, overall enjoying each day, love cooking, gardening, travel, Grandsons, family, small town life
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2 Responses to Done? What Do You Think?

  1. Remember the words of Leonardo: A work of art is never finished, it is simply abandoned by the artist. it is hard to know when to walk away from a painting, but in my humble opinion, I think you are there. You also have to remember the words of Bob Ross: If you are ever completely satisfied with a painting then put away your brushes and go on with your life, no artist is ever completely satisfied.

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