Control…or not.

I have been trying to give up my controlling nature.  I have made great progress.  Meditation really helps.

BUT, some habits of control are SO comforting.  For example, LISTS!  Lists are wonderful.  Lists make all things possible.  At least as long as you have multiple short lists and only look at the pertinent ones (after referring to your list of lists).

Several apps/software packages feed into this list fetish.  I am playing with several and have not yet found the perfect one.  I started with Springpad on my Kindle Fire but there is no app for it on my Windows 8 machine.  I like One Note on the Windows 8 computer but pages cannot be copied or printed.  Nor is there a Kindle Fire app for it.  I want to be able to sync between all my electronics since I am putting my favorite recipes on it and want to be able to access it wherever I am, whether there is internet access or not.

I just downloaded Evernote.  I will let you know how that works out.

Other than recipes, the biggest thing I have put into a notes program is a Spring Cleaning task list broken down by room.  I can check off each task as I accomplish it.  I only have to look at the list for that particular room so do no get overwhelmed by the huge picture of the whole house and yard.  I even have separate lists for nice days and rainy days. Nice days list yard work tasks, rainy days have paperwork tasks.

I have started on the Living Room task list.  I am working away at washing painted wood and windows.  I also checked off the whole list for Rainy days (2 in a row) and today took down the picket fence panels on my Sunny day list.  Check, check, check.



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3 Responses to Control…or not.

  1. I’ve gone old school – post its on the pantry door. The Tinker hates lists, so the handful of post its aren’t threatening. I don’t have the heart to tell him they come from the journal book full of categorized lists….

  2. Howdy! I am a OneNote user AND an Evernote user and personally like OneNote best. I just wish it worked on my Mac like it does on my PC.

    Anyway, to copy in OneNote, right-click on the page-tab on the right of the page, select Copy.
    Then click Paste (e.g. toolbar or Edit menu). It’ll insert it and then you
    can change it from a sub-page to something else. This will copy an entire page. If you just want to copy the text in your note, highlight the text (or click within the text and hit CNTRL-A, then CNTRL-C and then put your cursor where you want to paste and hit CNTRL-V… or use the radial menu. Type some text in OneNote, select it, and press the circular button with an A in the middle.
    The radial menu provides options that apply to the text you’ve selected, like changing the font or copying and pasting. Press the purple buttons along the outer edges of the menu, and you’ll see even more choices. Just like your app bar, the radial menu is contextual and shows different commands depending on how you open it.

    If you want to print, you can! 🙂 Make sure you have been updating. Microsoft issued a major update to its OneNote app for Windows aimed at Windows 8.1 last November. Hold “Shift” and click the first page tab and the page tab of the last page to print a series of pages, such as page 3, 4, 5 and 6. Hold the “Ctrl” key and select each page tab you want to print, if you wish to print selected pages that are not part of a series, such as page 2, 5, 7 and 9. Click “File” and “Print.” Look at the selection of pages under “Page Range” to ensure it matches the pages you wish to print, then click “Print.” You can also click “All” under “Page Range” to print all the pages in your OneNote document.

    Now, I couldn’t test all of that for sure because I am on W7… but I know a W8 user that said she works it this way. Let me know if that helps.


    • Retired woman says:

      Lots of great info. Thanks so much! I will try to use the info to make a decision. Hopefully will not be using both systems much longer!

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